In the column miscellaneous, all other registration options will be shown. Click on one of the buttons to see the instruction videos. 

Change the code or ear tag from a pig that lost its ear tag, or when a young gilt is being marked as a breeding pig and needs a code. Scan the old tag, then scan the new tag or write down the code.

When there is a pig in a pen and you don't know the pig's number, scan the other pigs in the pen and change the number of the pig that lost the ear tag. Click here for the instruction video for pigs with lost ear tags.


Create allotments via the app. Select the pens you want to allot the group in, define your group size per pen, divide into test groups and select the number of test groups. Allot based on weights and exclude specific diseases you don't want to be part of the group. After scanning a pig, the app will tell you in what pen to place the pig.

Register anomalies on pigs and find a connection between the anomaly and breed/mother/father/etc.

Mark young gilts or boars as breeding pig to separate them from production pigs. This way, the gilts will be presented on the work lists.

Stop a pregnancy in abortion. This way, the sow will be marked as aborted, not pregnant, and will reappear on the work lists. 

Add new pigs to your barn in "add new pigs".

When slaughterhouses use special tags to send the slaughter results back to, these tags can be connected to the ear tag the pig is wearing, creating the possibility to 

Correct your own mistakes by undoing or updating them. This is possible until three days after registration.

To check if you have performed all surveys needed for that day, the app shows you a list with the surveys done that day.

This list shows all registrations of the past 3 days.